So here we are, at last we begin this journey towards big changes. As a seasoned personal trainer in the Hull and East Riding area I may be able to help you make some dramatic changed and achieve some awesome results. But first let’s make sure your actually in the right place, begin by taking the “are you in the right place” test ™. 

Are you in the right place test... 

Do you hate the body you see in the mirror? Feel embarrassed to wear swimming costumes on holiday? (when ever we can go that is!) do you just feel like you’ve just let yourself go too much, like way too much? been lovin that lockdown life? need to lose the lockdown lard? 
Is your current body causing you to feel about as confident as Gemma Collins in an IQ test? Do you identify your energy twin as a sloth? 
Does your current body ache with the pain of a thousand ailments? 
Is your current body long for this world if nothing changes soon? Seriously, how at risk are you of heart disease, diabetes and other lifestyle related illness? 
Would you like to get your body inot a machine? or even just feel a bit better, have a bit more energy and ache a bit less? ( you can do either)  
Would you like a physique that can wrestle a bear into submission? Single handedly win the six nations and celebrate with beer without getting a beer belly? 
If you answered yes to any of the above, then welcome my friend. Let us begin. 

About the man they call... Mckeating 

Am I the right trainer for you? 

Pick your poison (packages) 

My approach to exercise 

Ed Jenneson, Hull 
"Rich helped me get my life back again after a serious back injury,as well as this, he also helped me improve my shape, lose weight and feel amazing, if your looking for a Personal Trainer in the Hull area I can't recommend him highly enough" 

My approach to nutrition 

Welcome to my lair 

Lies, damned lies 

Summon the spirit of Mckeating 

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