I hope this wets your appetite!, however before you can fully commit we need to arrange an initial consultation, please take a look through my packages and prices which I’ll send you when you fill in your details below.  

'Tell me more please Rich'  

But aren’t you ridiculously expensive? 

I'm an experienced Personal Trainer and I've spent thousands of pounds and thousands of hours on my eductaion, along with decades of hard work in the trenches learning how to do this properly. I haven't done all of that so I can survive on minimum wage, but comparitively to some Personal Trainers I'm not ridiculously expensive.  
I know Personal Trainers charging £300 a session in London, they're good trainers but not that good, I'm a bargain at £60 per session private or £40 per session semi private (shared session).  
If that's still to much for your budget I can see you fortnightly or monthly and give you a program to work at the gym, all for a lower cost.  
Contact me to discuss further.  

Get Super Lean, but let’s take our sweet ass time about it (12 weeks to 24 weeks) 

If you’d like to achieve the above, but still want to enjoy a beer at the weekend (high five) then this program will be more appropriate. You’ll still need to make some big changes to diet, and you’ll still be following an intensive exercise plan, but there’ll be more breaks to let loose (within reason) 

I just need a gentle intro to exercise 

I get a lot of people come to me because they simply don’t like to work out in a gym, they feel like they get left and abandoned to get on with exercise without any clue how to do it properly and meanwhile there are loads of fit and healthy men and women around them who seemingly appear to be experts and in this situation it’s easy to understand why people can feel foolish in a gym setting. 
If you’d just like to learn how to exercise properly, and most importantly, safely, then this is the program for you, we’ll start with some assessment work on your basic movement patterns such as squats, lunges, pressing etc and then try to gradually improve those movements and build some confidence in your body and in your bodies ability to exercise. 

I just need some help with Nutrition 

If you’re already exercising or active and just not interested in an exercise program then we can focus just on nutrition to help support your goals. Please click here to discover how I may be able to help with this. 

Satellite program 

All the above can be done completely online without us ever meeting, if you live too far away, are unable to travel up to meet me then get in touch to discuss my satellite program of coaching and nutrition guidance. We’ll check in regularly on skype or face time and you’ll receive the same due care and attention I give to my regular in-house clients. 

Get Super Lean, Super Quick (6 to 12 weeks) 

In a rush to get in shape? Don’t want to mess about? Fine no problem, but before you commit you should be warned this is an intensive program, you don’t need to be superfit to start, it’s my job to get you in shape, however you will need to be prepared to work out three times a week at least (I’ll need to see you for at least two of those sessions).  
You’ll also be committing to an unsustainable diet plan, I’ll be trying my best to help install good habits and give support for what you’ll need to do once you transition from this plan, but just know that this nutritional approach is for short term use only, it’ll help you lose body fat very quickly if you follow it properly, rest assured I’ll be using evidence based guidelines to ensure we don’t venture into a crashy fad diet. You will also look and feel amazing.  

Pack on some Muscle and become superhuman (6 months minimum) 

Want to add some muscle tissue to your frame? I can help, I’ve spent most of my life as lanky bean pole and whilst I’m in no way ready to compete on stage in some tight trunks with a chestnut spray tan, I have managed to pack on about 10kg to my frame and maintain it for some years. You check out my story here, and learn how I helped others do the same just here

Fix me I’m broken 

Back hurting? Knee giving you gip? There is a chance I may be able to help, often safe well executed exercise with the right level of support can help build strength and stability around muscle joints and increase the ability to move well with confidence. To this extent, exercise can be more effective than other treatments as it requires an intrinsic feedback which is monitored by the person pro-actively moving under their own control without any external interference. 
I should state that I can’t guarantee progress, I’ll first need to ask that you have seen a physiotherapist and received a diagnoses, It’s my responsibility to ensure that any possibility of a serious internal disease that might be causing pain has been ruled out, and ideally you’ll have some information on what’s going on around the area where it hurts. 
That being the case, then I have helped lots of people improve their pain management strategy and learn to live life doing the things that help them feel happy which they couldn’t do whilst being in constant agony. 
Ed- can now lift his daughter up and carry her because the back issue he came to see me with is much improved (impressive as his daughter is 26 years old!) 
Jeff – had suffered with back issues for many years however with regular movement we’ve managed to help him massively improve his quality of life and live without fear of his back “suddenly going again” 
Want to know more about how I approach exercise or my nutritional practice? 
Check out these links. Learn more about me here. 

My approach to nutrition 

About the man they call... Mckeating 

My approach to exercise 

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