The Gym is a sacred space, many come here to sacrifice themselves on the alter of health and wellbeing, or you know, just generally to move a bit and improve their health. Each to their own. 
My gym is a private studio, in North Ferriby (Hull) away from prying eyes, you won’t find people exercising whilst talking loudly on their phones here, there are no guys posing in front of the mirror admiring what they imagine are huge biceps. This space is for exercise and the pursuit of skilled movement. 
You can train by yourself with just me to guide you, or you can train with a friend or family member, or you can do my semi-private package where you’ll train alongside another person who’s getting on with a different program. 
You’ll also most likely be training alongside my dog Ollie who is also a Personal trainer let me know if that’s a problem.) 
Kit wise I have everything I need to help you lose fat, add muscle, reduce or eliminate joint pain and lower disease risk. That includes a large selection of Dumbbells, kettlebells, squat rack, cable column, Concept Rower, plyo boxes, boxing pads/ bags and a few bits of kit you most likely haven’t seen before such as the CMT or GripR. 
Next to the gym is a private parking drive you can use when you train, and I also have a shower and changing area. 
Across the road is the excellent Ferriby’s café, which serves a fantastic selection of omelettes, salads, and apparently all-day breakfast and rocky road cakes, not that I’d know 

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