No trainer is a perfect fit for every potential client, there are some cases where clients do better with another trainer than with me, and I don’t have an issue with that. From reading the pages on this website you may get the impression that I’m laid back, easy going and relaxed about personal training, nutrition and wellbeing. I might well be all those things, because I’ve bloody well earned the right to be! 
I’ve spent years developing my skills, spending thousands of pounds on further education to learn more, spending countless hours reading books, listening to podcast, writing thousands of different programs for hundreds of different clients and assessing, adjusting, and honing my skills. 
The fact I’m laid back about Personal Training, doesn’t mean in anyway that I don’t take it seriously, I’m 100% dedicated to helping all of my clients achieve the absolute best possible result they are capable of, I take pride in high professional standards, I like to be on time for clients, with the program they are about to go through ready, and I have the skills necessary to tweak and adjust programs to suit each individual. 
So when a client comes in one day and says they can’t do their usual program because their shoulder is hurting, I can adjust things on the spot to ensure they still get a good workout, and when I write out a program and take them through and I can see that a particular exercise is just not working, then I know exactly how to tweak and adjust that exercise in order to make it work for that person. 
It’s taken a long time, money and effort to this level, I’m still learning, I’ll never stop, because I love the joy of doing something to the absolute highest possible standard, it’s why artist try to create masterpieces, and why Michelin star chefs try to achieve the best possible taste with every serving, each profession has it’s low paid just working for the weekend type staff, and in every profession there are those who try with every fibre of their body to be the best they can be at what they do. Some Personal Trainers in Hull do it because they love it, and some personal trainers in Hull do it because they thougt it would be easier than having to work.  
Each day when I turn the key on the studio door my ambition, hope and intention is to help get the most out of every client I work with. 
My standard is the same standard that a wise teacher once told me “ would I be happy if my loved ones were in that class?” and truth be told, I don’t always achieve that standard. But I’ll always endeavour to achieve that standard. 
So, from my perspective, I feel like I’m happy to work with anybody, it doesn’t matter to me if you’re an elite level athlete or a ten stone overweight completely out of shape gymophobe. I work with people with disabilities, severe painful ailments that make every day a challenge and those with an extreme reluctance to engage in any exercise for fear of embarrassment or fear of seriously hurting themselves or having a heart attack. 
I work with people at what ever pace they feel comfortable working at and I never push them further unless this is something they feel ready to take on, and even then I do so with caution. 
There are occasionally clients who want to be pushed to the limit, to work so hard their eyes bleed, they want to be sore for days and they want to be challenged.  
I work with these people within a sensible framework so that they get the benefit of a decent session without any risk, I’ll never use a sledgehammer where a less intensive tool is more appropriate. 
When it comes to nutrition, I work with people who have food sensitivities, vegans, vegetarians, people who have issues with alcohol and people who are deeply entrenched in a particular diet dogma. I work with the person in front of me to find a solution that they feel willing to take on, and then we progress from there. Sometimes progress comes quickly, sometimes it takes a little trial and error. 
I should mention that I have also been known to swear, although this is usually only in the presence of clients who I know are comfortable with swearing, and quite often turn the air blue with profanities that would make a sailor blush (these are usually housewives), however where I know a client isn’t at all comfortable with bad language I don’t use it, I adapt to each person who comes through the door and after a few sessions of getting to know somebody I usually have a good idea of where the ground lies and how we can best work together. 

So am I the right trainer for you? 

It doesn’t matter to me what shape your in, what diet believes you have and if you suffer with any injuries or conditions that might make exercise difficult for you, the only thing I really want to know is… 
Are you ready to make changes? Is this a good time for you? Are you doing this because you feel willing to commit to improving your health and wellbeing or are you doing this because loved ones keep nagging you to do something? 
I need to know that your going to turn up to your sessions on time and be willing to work hard, that might initially be just a few simple exercises or it might be more intensive, so long as your effort is there that’s all I care about. 
Are you going to cancel on me often? Because that will be an issue, I have to charge for missed sessions  
without sufficient notice but more importantly it means there is less chance I can help you get the result you’re paying me for. 
Will you be checking your phone throughout our session? Will you be scratching your arse and telling racist jokes? Because that really will be an issue for me ☹ 
If you’ve manged to read all of the above, and you think this is something you’d like to go ahead with, then please get in touch, I love meeting new people and it’ll be my honour to work with you if you decide to choose me over other trainers out there. 
I don’t care if you’re a millionaire or just scrapping by enough money to invest in something important to you, please look through my services and price list and then get in touch. 
If you want to know about my studio please click here. 

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