So this is what my clients have to say, before reading their testimonials I should point out that… 
Only people who are happy with a service are likely to give a testimonial, 
If somebody gave me anything less than a glowing testimonial, I wouldn’t feature it on my website, 
I state this because I don’t want to give the impression that I’m some kind of super Personal Trainer who can heal the sick with my wonder powers.  
Over the years there have been clients who I just wasn’t right for, in many cases I’ve had clients who struggled to achieve a result with me, and on a couple of occasions I’ve had to say to clients that it’s probably best they find another trainer as I just wasn’t able to get through to them. 
Experience has taught me much, in every case where I felt like I have made mistakes I have learned something and adapted how I do things, this now makes it much easier for me to help new clients, I hold great weight in the value of the Dunning Kruger effect which showed that the more certain and confident a person is the less competent they are in their ability, I can navigate the grey areas well and I know where one principle may hold true with a particular client and the reasons why it’s worthless with another type of client. 
Super amazing shape testimonials from people I helped heal with my super touch (no witnesses) 
Ed Jenneson 
"I suffered a back injury in March 2018 which resulted in a bulging disc. The disc was pressing into my nerves and caused incredible pain down my arm, across the top and bottom of my back and my leg. The pain was debilitating. I had numerous scans, steroid injections and pain killers. After my last set of injections, I was told by my consultant that the best way to strengthen the muscles was to see a personal trainer who specialised in rehabilitation. I couldn’t find one so I asked Rich. LOL. 
I started training with Rich in November 2018. When I first went to see him I could not bend without pain. I could not catch a ball. My movements were severely restricted and I was in agony. Fast forward 12 months and I am doing 12 reps of 30kg flat bench dumbbells, 70kg deadlifts and 30kg bicep curls. I never thought I would lift a weight again let alone get to these weights. In fact, the consultant said to me that I needed to find someone who could help with rehabilitation although stay away from lifting weights. I now know that lifting weights (eventually) is all part of the rehab programme. However, please be assured that I was training for months before I event picked up a weight and we started with 2.5kg! The initial training involved some uncomfortable bending whilst Rich distracted me (in his own special way) and some running, rowing and catching. 
Rich’s knowledge of the human body, the way it is structured and his ability instil confidence in you (despite dealing with some pain at the same time) is second to none. Rich’s training is hard work although the results speak for themselves. If you have suffered an injury and need to rebuild your strength and confidence, Rich is the man to assist with rehabilitation. 
Rich also knows his beans when it comes to nutrition. If you want to be a vegan, carnivore, low carb, high fat, carb loader or a pizza taster, Rich will guide you on the best way to achieve your nutrition goals. Rich doesn’t rubbish anything and knows that one size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition (pardon the pun). 
People would not think twice about spending a fortune on going on holidays in order to relax and destress. I would say we all need to invest some money in ourselves." 
Will Taylor 
"I started working with Rich shortly after running the York Marathon, although I was fit I wasn't happy with my body tone and wanted to have a more aesthetic physique which made it obvious I worked out. 
We decided a photoshoot would give us a goal to aim for and then set about putting together a structured plan I could fit into my lifestyle. 
It wasn't easy, I had to work super hard, but I got stronger than I've ever been in my life, and I my friends and family are impressed with my photoshoot results. 
I'd have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rich." 
Jeff Thomas 
"My back pain is so much better now. 
I originally attended Rich McKeating’s gym for help with a chronic lower back problem that was preventing me from cycling. Rich got to work immediately assessing the mechanical problem and training me with a varied set of exercises delivered patiently on a 1:1 basis designed to build strength, develop movement and crucially improve confidence. 
I found that as well as being a highly trained PT instructor Rich is also a motivational thinker, well read on the topic of how your brain can be harnessed to assist healing and manage pain. Our sessions inspired me to read around the subject and in discussion with Rich put many other strategies to work that have got me back on my bike, 12 pounds lighter. I cannot recommend him highly enough, I am managing a significantly reduced lower back problem entirely thanks to Rich’s unique approach to personal training." 
Tommy Coyle (Professional Boxer) 
"Rich helped me to get in my best shape prior to one of my biggest and toughest fights. 
When I fought my old stable mate Luke Campbell I wanted to make sure I could have no excuses. I was as fit as I could be and I gave it absolutely everything I could. I may have lost, but I gave it my all and Rich was an important part of team Coyle during the pre fight training helping me to prepare in unique ways I had never come across before." 
Adrian Westerby 
"I struggled with my weight for years, I had gone to the gym plenty of times, worked with other personal trainers and tried various diets, and whilst I had some occasional success nothing seemed to stick. 
I started with Rich after Christmas in 2017, our initial diet plan was simple, all I had to do was track protein along with a few simple calorie reduction methods such as increasing veg, drinking water before meals and watching portions size without calorie counting. 
Within three months I’d dropped 10kg and felt great, we carried on like this for a while with me maintaining this weight throughout holidays and plenty of nights out and then after the summer decided to really step the game up and see what I could achieve if I really went for it. 
Thus followed several months of the hardest physical work I’ve ever done in my life, I had to track calories, work out four to five times a week ( twice with Rich and the rest by myself with a program he designed for me) and through various setbacks and obstacles I manged to get into photoshoot shape looking in my best shape ever at the age of forty one years old. 
If you’re after a trainer who can individualize an approach for you that fits in with your life and helps you get into your best shape with workouts which fit you like a glove, then Rich is the man you should get in touch with." 
Leah Hilder 
"When I first started working with Rich we tried a more habit based approach using simple methods to help reduce calories, unfortunately this didn't get the results I wanted. So instead we put together a more structured plan with a closer eye on tracking, and this has been perfect for me! 
In the last few months I have lost 22lbs and still been able to have a drink with friends, eat out and enjoy some indulgences with my family. This feels like a much more sustainable approach that can help me stay in great shape for life. 
As far as the exercise has gone, I have been sore in places I did not know existed! It's been worth it though! I've toned up and people have noticed. Most importantly, Rich has made me feel so much more confident about exercising and it’s been fun (most of the time!)." 
Rob Nickolay 
"Rich and I won Men’s Health! 
“Rich entered the Men’s health Personal Trainer Award contest in 2012 and needed some clients to help him win the contest. I had met him a few years ago when he worked as the nutritionist at Hull Kingston Rovers and his advice had already helped me lose some weight so I eagerly volunteered! 
What followed was 12 weeks of intense physical training hell! But I loved it! And I got in the best shape of my life! His advice helped me make big changes, the diet he put together made me feel healthier and more energetic and I became far more confident with my own body.." 
"Losing weight was the easy part. 
Having already lost a substantial amount of weight before coming to see Rich I had gotten myself into a place where maintenance was starting to become a mentally draining daily battle. Rich helped me to relax around food, he changed the way I exercise and we worked on finding more mentally positive ways of managing my weight and helping me to maintain the results." 
Rob from Liverpool gained two stone in six months whilst getting lean at the same time 
"The most important thing I learned from Titan Force was staying consistent day in and day out. 
Once you remain consistent with attending the gym ensuring the technique is correct and controlled and the intensity is high alongside eating the right foods and avoiding temptation of having cheat meals results will start to show quite quickly. 
Perseverance is also vital as progress doesn't happen overnight it's a long process but well worth the wait when you get it right.” 
Rob Nikolay 
Adrian Westerby 
Jacob Titan Force Project 
James Titan Force Project 
Jordan Titan Force Project 
Robert Horgan 
Will Taylor 
Claire came to see me after losing weight to help with maintenance and long term health management. 

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