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so going vegan is better for the environment right? I mean if James Cameron says it then it must be true? 
Perhaps, but maybe not, the true picture is complicated, meat production is environmentally costly, but then so is veggie food production, and aside from this, there are plenty of other factors around environmental cost of diet, for example if you eat too much period, then your consuming empty calories, regardless of whether your a meat eater or following a plant based diet. 
In my next article on Veggie diets I'll be covering the fuller picture of how what we eat affects the world around us, there are a lot of research papers to read, and then much effort needed to present this information in an interesting way that dosn't bore people. 
So if you'd like to learn about this subject stay tuned and watch this space! if you'd like to get in touch with me because you have an intersting take on this then please email me 
I'll have this whole thing updated soon as! love from your favorite Personal trainer Hull. 
Stay safe :) 
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