Get up, hit it hard, become a machine! 
I haven’t run a Bootcamp for some years, it used to be the tradition that come January I would run an outdoor group exercise class and everyone who took part would lose a few lbs (some quite a few lbs) and get the New Year of to a cracking start. 
In recent years I’ve either been too busy or too locked down to run a bootcamp, but after a few enquiries I’ve decided to trial out a morning group workout program at my gym. 
Whilst most people are sleeping, a select few people will be throwing gym kit around in my studio, outside of these sessions they’ll be following a nutrition plan and keeping in touch with the other members via an online private group where we can help each other out with motivation, be on call to answer questions and do all that it takes to help get 2023 of to a flying start. 
The Details 
Sessions will take place Three mornings a week at 6am, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Rich Mckeating Personal Training Studio, 8 Low Street, North Ferriby, HU14 3DD 
Sessions will start Monday 9th January, giving you a week to use up left over food, drink etc. 
Cost per session is £10, paid in blocks of 12, so £120 for the four-week block, it’s no problem if your unable to make some mornings but unfortunately there are no refunds for missing a session. 
You don’t have to be fit to take part, we just want you to be keen, turn up on time, and work hard. It's also no problem if you have exisiting injuries or joint problems, we'll gather all that information before you start and if its deemed the program might not be suitable for you we'll let you know and try to work out something else instead for you.  
Whilst you will be pushed, this is a sensible exercise program obeying scientific principles of progression, we don’t want you so sore you hate us, hate exercise, become injured and can’t train the next session. Each participant will work at their own pace and be progressed accordingly. 
People always say this, but places really are limited, I only have room for a few people at the gym. 
Instructors shall be myself and I am delighted to say a long-time friend and professional Rugby coach, Nathan Freer. We go way back, Nath worked with me as a PT back when he was studying at Hull Uni and is an excellent coach to help bring out the best in people. 
Nutrition plan is to lower calories, eat plenty of highly nutritious foods, cut out the junk and start dropping lbs. 
If I get enough interest, I’ll put on a second Bootcamp possibly at 7am or evening, let me know if this is something you’d be interested in. So long as people enjoy these sessions we plan to keep rolling them over every four weeks. 
If you're interested in giving this program a go please get in touch with me, I should really be peppering this article with marketing gimmicks like "lose a stone in a month guaranteed or your money back" or "metabolic boosting diet which makes fat loss easy", but I think there is enough of that kind of stuff on the market now. This is just working out a few mornings a week to get in great shape with some like minded people, I hope you'll join me.  
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