A family who trains together, gets gainz together 
Would your kids be interested in hitting the gym? want to know how much your five year old can bench? concerned your teenage daughter can't deadlift? 
Lots of parents struggle to get their children away from games consoles and phones, having access to a private Fitness Studio is a great way to help get them started on the journey to long time health and wellbeing. 
Where abouts are the sessions? 
Rich Mckeating Health & Wellbeing, 8 Low Street, North Ferriby, HU14 3DD 
What’s involved? 
This depends on the age group, for younger one’s fitness is best done through games and play, they still get to squat, lift things and throw stuff about just like a normal adult gym session, but when it’s wrapped up in a game it doesn’t feel like a normal gym session. Parents and carers will also be involved, sometimes playing as a team against the kids, sometimes siding with kids against the other parent or carer. 
Older kids might like to try using a treadmill, lifting dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells and throwing heavy medicine balls around, all under the supervision of a qualified and experienced professional PT, which will either by myself or possibly an equally qualified and experienced PT friend of mine.  
Sessions are individually designed for each family based on informaiton gathered before your session.  
What ages can take part in this? 
There isn’t a minimum or max age, though I’d suggest babies probably wouldn’t get much out of it! But so long as they can walk and lift things, they’re welcome, including toddlers. 
How many can take part? 
I’d suggest up to six people including adults and kids would be the maximum, the gym might get a little crowded with more than that. 
How much does it cost? 
At the moment these are just trial sessions, with the aim of rolling out a more regular program, ½ hr sessions will cost £25 these are probably more suited to those with younger kids, one-hour sessions will cost £45. 
Does it matter if any of the family members have medical issues? Issues? Disabilities? 
Absolutely not, these sessions are open to everybody, I just want you to enjoy fitness and movement. 
Please get in touch to arrange, sessions can be arranged and day of the week including weekends. 
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